Studies have shown that “85% of all phone calls placed during business hours interrupt the work that is more important than the content of the call received.”
Securix offers “cost-effective” telephone systems design for the small- to mid-size organizations that provide features to meet and rival highly expensive telephone systems.

  • Systems start with initial configurations of 4 lines in x 8 digital station ports and 2 analog station ports – expandable to 32 lines in x 64 digital phones or 24 lines in x 80 phones.
  • Systems can support T1/PRI connection directly to the phone systems offered with optional card installed.
  • Optional 34-Button Display Telephones offered can be powered via POE (Power Over Ethernet) and support VoIP communications.
  • Pro Voice Mail features include 4-port x 16-hour configuration and is expandable to an 8-port x 32-hour configuration for larger system configurations. Two notable differences between the two voice mail configurations: the pro version has 32 automated attendant mail boxes for routing and announcement greetings, and the pro voice mail has the capability to send voice mail messages to users’ email in an MP3 format.
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