Video surveillance provides a critical set of “eyes and ears” that constantly monitors your facility.
As part of an alarm and access control system, video monitoring can help to reduce the risks associated with asset protections and safety. To enhance your security through video surveillance, Securix:

  • Reviews your needs and determines the best video surveillance options – from “cost-effective” analog high-resolution day/night cameras to Sarix featuring SureVision; delivering superior Low-Light and Anti-Bloom Technology via IP communications.
  • Selects, packages and installs the highest quality of cameras, monitors and recording devices to meet the specific needs of your facility.
  • Provides the latest technological options, including digital video recorders (DVRs), Cloud Storage and Megapixel IP Networkable Cameras, which offer time and cost savings, image quality and accessibility.
  • Empowers you with 24/7 monitoring capabilities that protects your facility, your employees and your assets.

Securix offers and supports multiple brands and is a memeber of the Pelco Partner Advantage Team.

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