Securix provides additional support unique to our subscribers. Our goal is to provide simplified support for unbudgeted client changes in your environment.
By continuing our support during and following the warranty period, our subscribers benefit from the following services:

  • Help Desk Services – This support is for questions of an operational or functional nature including software design and customization including macrox, access database design, etc., Our Help Desk is available 8am to 5pm Central Time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) with expanded hours available for on-call support.
  • Hardware Moves and Changes – Securix provides subscribers with a reasonable level of on-site support services as it relates to Host System issues. This includes an average of one (1) workstation move or change per user annually within the existing original office space.
  • Virus Protection and Scanning – Securix ensures that the provided virus protection and scanning systems are in good working order on the server(s) and workstation(s) and that virus
  • Orientation – Securix provides on-site orientation sessions for each user. Orientations are typically general in nature, provided for new hires and/or position changes within your organization providing basic assistance with functionality, how to access and CCTV applications, how to properly power on and off workstations; whom to contact for support, etc. Application training beyond an orientation session can be coordinated with our Help Desk.
  • Maintenance – Securix proactively apply/installs all recommended software patches to the Operating System and all Security Application Suites subscribed and maintain by Securix. Hardware repair or maintenance (not including usual wear and supplies such as toner, ribbons, cards, print heads, etc.) are performed on standard models of SECURIX supplied server(s), PCs, Laptops, printers and network components on an as-needed basis. See Services Offered for additional details.
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